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Lie to Me Videos

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A Community for Lie to Me fanvids and fanmixes.
. Lie to Me Videos .

It is a community for fan-made videos based on Lie to Me. Any character/pairing is acceptable.

. Rules .

1. You may use any video or file sharing website to upload/share your work, just so long as it is safe.
2. Any and all characters and pairings are welcome. As are all genres.
3. You may share videos that you have found but did not make, but please DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THINGS THAT ARE NOT YOURS.
4. Please keep the comm clean by tagging appropriately.
5. No disrespect to any members or the actresses/actors-- this is common sense. All sorts of these will not be tolerated.
6. If videos you are posting contain spoilers, please state so clearly.
7. When posting keep to the following format:
Name or Username:
Character or Paring:
Name of the Song (optional):
Link to the original location (optional):

. Tags & Affiliates.

We’re going to keep tagging simple. State the character or the pairing (eg: character: gillian foster; pairing: cal lightman/gillian foster) and your username (video maker: tooraf).
Affiliates: lightmanfoster, lietomeicons, lietome_daily, lietome_facs

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