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29th-Jan-2010 10:19 pm - Lie to Me trailer Closer-style
calria lab
Name: Lie to Me Trailer Closer-style
Pairings: Lightman/Foster, Lightman/Torres, Loker/Torres, Loker/Foster
Original movie trailer:
Author's note: I just couldn't get rid of this idea for a long time. So i finally gave up and made this trailer)))

19th-Jan-2010 08:12 pm - Torres/Lightman: Virgin State of Mind
I lye inside myself for hours
Name: Virgin State of Mind
Pairing: Torres/Lightman
Song: K's Choice - Virgin State of Mind

song icon

Name or Username: StoriesThatNeverWere
Character or Paring: Eli Loker/Emily Lightman
Name of the Song: Brand New Day by Ryan Star (Yup, the theme song!)

Comments: Teeheehee, umm. *sweatdrop* Hi there. I recently had the inspiration to create an EE video. This is just a preview to see what kind of fan response I get. I appreciate restraint from stoning me for my unusual pairing choice. Comments and critiques on the video are always welcome. I apologize on behalf of LV for ruining the quality in the beginning.


23rd-Dec-2009 08:32 pm - Welcome and Rules.
I don't need your drama

tooraf  and myself, kyasurin_chan . The lovely acolyte33  may join us later. We shall see. The rules of posting will probably be edited and added to as we go on, but for now they are as follows.</span>




  1. You may use any video or file sharing website to upload/share your work, just so long as it is safe.


  1. Any and all characters and pairings are welcome. As are all genres.


  1. You may share videos that you have found but did not make, but please DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THINGS THAT ARE NOT YOURS.


  1. Please keep the comm clean by tagging appropriately.




We’re going to keep tagging simple. When posting you should tag with who you are:



What you are posting:

Ex: Video



And any characters or pairings:


Ex: Cal/Gillian

      Eli Loker



That’s for now. Have fun everyone!


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